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A Royally Sweet Treat


Stork and baker to the Royals Dawn Blunden add a modern twist to the classic Victoria Sponge recipe, in honour of Queen Elizabeth II becoming Britain’s longest ever serving monarch

LONDON, SEPTEMBER 2015: As Queen Elizabeth II officially becomes Britain’s longest ever serving monarch on the 9th September, it seems fitting for a sweet and luxurious treat to be made in her honour. So, to toast her monumental reign, baking brand Stork and a cake maker to the Royal family Dawn Blunden have paired up to create the ‘Queen Elizabeth Sponge’.

Blunden, who has created numerous cakes for Royal events, including Prince Charles and Camilla’s 2005 wedding cake, has taken inspiration from the classic Victoria Sponge cake recipe, which was named after Queen Victoria in approximately 1861.

The celebratory sponge contains lashings of honey and oodles of cream, making the most of the ingredients that Queen (bee!) Elizabeth is rumoured to love.  View the full recipe here- [link to recipe page]


Stork Queen Cake 732x2

 “A ROYALLY SWEET TREAT: Stork and baker to the Royals Dawn Blunden team up to create the ‘Queen Elizabeth Sponge’ recipe in honour of her officially becoming Britain’s longest serving monarch. The recipe, which is adapted from the classic Victoria sponge, includes honey and cream; thought to be among the Queen’s favourite cake ingredients.

View the full recipe here.


Dawn Blunden comments: “In creating this recipe, we’ve taken inspiration from the classic Victoria sponge, which was originally named in honour Queen Victoria, now Britain’s second longest serving monarch. As Queen Elizabeth is known to be a cake lover, we felt it would be fitting to add a 21st century twist to this delicious, easy to make recipe, which truly honours her amazing reign. Here’s hoping the ‘Queen Elizabeth Sponge’ will be as famous in years to come as its predecessor!”

In spirit of the occasion, some other delectable Royal cake facts include:

  • Quite the connoisseur of cake trends Queen Victoria is also to thank for the tradition of white icing on wedding cakes. In her eyes, it symbolised purity1
  • Prince William’s favourite cake recipe is largely made of rich tea and chocolate biscuits, and was served at his wedding alongside a traditional eight tiered fruit cake2
  • Princess Charlotte’s christening cake was a layer of her parent’s wedding cake, specially preserved for the occasion.

To find out how to make the lightest, fluffiest bakes and to try out the Queen Elizabeth Sponge recipe, visit www.bakewithstork.com.

1Taken from Community Table: http://communitytable.parade.com/320535/mabel_martinez/11-interesting-wedding-cake-facts/

2 Mail Online, 2007: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1370364/Prince-William-asks-special-wedding-cake-Rich-Tea-biscuits-dark-chocolate.html

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