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Baking beans

Dried beans or peas used to hold down pastry in a flan tin, baking it without a filling (baking it blind). You can either buy special ceraminc beans for this, or use dried beans.

Baking parchment

Cellulose based paper which can be used as a disposable non stick surface in baking.

Baking powder

Baking powder is a mix of sodium bicarbonate with a slightly acidic compound such as cream of tartar that works as a leavening agent used to increase volume and lighten the texture of baking. Baking powder works by releasing carbon dioxide gas into a batter or dough through an acid-base reaction, causing bubbles in the wet mixture to expand and thus leavening the mixture


To immerse fruit or vegetables in boiling water



A very popular spice. It comes in the form of a powder or in the form of thin cinnamon bark rolls. Added to cakes, desserts and beverages, enriches them with its sweet and spicy taste. Very aromatic.

Creme Brulee

One of the most popular desserts in the world, coming from French cuisine. Made of milk, vanilla, eggs, cream and sugar. The custard is baked and the cooled cream is sprinkled with a layer of sugar, which is caramelized in an oven or with a special torch before serving.


A traditional French baked dessert from the Limousin Region. Made with fruit (cherries, apples, plums or berries) flour, eggs, sugar and milk, and baked in an oven.

Made by heating moist sugar until it turns golden brown. Used to flavour desserts, cakes, cookies, and to add colour.


To form sugar or honey based syrups into Crystals

Cream puff

A light pastry(usually choux) filled with with whipped cream, custard or icecream. Usually, sprinkled with icing sugar or chocolate.

To blend or mix ingredients together


To heat a substance until clear



To sprinkle sugar or flour lightly and evenly. You can buy special dredgers which look great in the kitchen!


State of extreme dryness when all the moisture is removed from a food stuff, often to preserve it.


Egg Wash

A mixture of beaten eggs with a little added milk or water if desired. Brushed on with a pastry brush and used to give a shine on pastries and cookies when baked.



Also called sugarpaste is a product used by confectioners to decorate tortes and cakes. It is made of icing sugar with egg whites and lemon juice.



A pungent aromatic spice which comes in the form of a powder. The basic kitchen ingredients of the Far East. It is characterized by an intense, fresh flavor and a spicy, burning taste. A popular gingerbread additive and a coffee spice. What is more, ginger beer is made of it.

Gingerbread spice mixture

A blend of cinnamon, ginger, cloves, sugar, nutmeg, coriander, allspice, black pepper and cardamon.


A rich chocolate filling made with chocolate and double cream, melted together. It can be used to coat cakes and be used as a filling for truffles.


Icing sugar

Finely ground sugar, used in confectionery and bakery. Commonly used to decorate cakes and pastries, such as doughnuts.


This is the process of extracting flavours by hot soaking in liquid , and covering the pan to allow the flavours to be released.



A popular, very sweet cake made of egg whites and sugar. A popular addition to desserts. Meringues may be hard and dry or slightly marshmallow inside depending on how they are made.


Various chilled desserts made with flavoured whipped cream, gelatine and eggs or savoury mousses with fish or meat.


Dark brown, thick syrup, produced when refining raw sugar.


Soft, white, full-cream cheese of Italian origin used as an ingredient of desserts and cakes. It tastes sweet and creamy, it is the base of one of the most popular desserts in the world - Tiramisu.


To swirl one mixture into another - this needs to be done very gently to get the marble effect. Be careful not to mix together too much


Puff pastry

A light flaky pastry formed by rolling and folding the dough and fat in layers so that it expands when baked. Used for pies, rich pastries etc


Rose water

It is a by-product in the production of rose oil used widely in making cakes and desserts.


Sponge cake

A cake made from eggs, wheat flour and sugar. It can be used for Swiss rolls or as the base for tortes and trifles.

Shortcrust pastry

A basic type of pastry made with the proportions of half fat to flour, producing a crisp, short and crumbly texture.



A type of a confectionery product made of dark chocolate, cream, vanilla served in the form of small balls covered with cocoa or icing sugar.


A traditional French dish consisting of a shortcrust pastry shell with no top but filled with various sweet or savoury fillings.


Vanilla sugar

Sugar with a vanilla aroma or its artificial equivalent (vanillin). Usually, in the form of crystals. Used for making cakes and desserts.


A valuable and well-known spice occurring in the form of powder or in the so-called "vanilla sticks". It is an additive of many cakes, desserts and confectionery products. It is also popular in the form of sugar saturated with vanilla essence. See Vanilla sugar.


Water bath

A method of dissolving e.g. chocolate or maintaining a constant food temperature involving inserting a bowl into a larger pot of hot water.
Wrappers for Muffins and Cupcakes
Cupcake wrappers are a great way to dress up your cupcakes or muffins. They are often laser cut with detailed patterns, and simply wrap around the cake for extra effect.


Yeast cake

A type of cake made by using baker's yeast using water or milk, flour, sugar and eggs. The yeast combined with warm liquid (water or milk) starts growing .The gas released expands and loosens the dough. Yeast is used for making bread rolls, donuts, buns, cakes with fruit, cheese, savory stuffing. Yeast dough is prepared without eggs is used for making pizza.



The outer peel of citrus fruits such as lemons, oranges, limes. The oils from the peel add flavour to your baking