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So the kids are back at school. Oh sweet heavens! At the end of a long summer, parents gleefully watch their children walking through the school gates, in the knowledge that they’ll finally regain some routine, quiet, and hopefully more a couple of minutes of ‘me time’. So far so brilliant.
Of course, what many of us forget in the rush to boot our kids back into education is the sting in the tail – the utter agony of creating daily school lunches. Utterly, unbearably dull! We’ve been pondering the issue ourselves (there are plenty of desperate parents here at Stork!), and have been scouring our recipe archives for a whole raft of child-friendly lunch box treats to save money and to keep your kids’ lunches from becoming routine. So that means nothing too gooey. Nothing too messy. Nothing too melty. So we’re thinking chocolate brownies (check out the fantastic recipe here), delicious oat crunchies or banana muffins. Cook enough for your kids, and, um, just enough leftovers to make your own lunches more interesting too!