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Some ingredients are just made for each other, and banana and chocolate are quite the gorgeous couple, don’t you think? Apart from making this loaf on the grounds that it looks and tastes utterly fantastic, the thing we love about it is that it’s practical too.

I mean, who doesn’t look at their fruit bowl at the end of the week and wonder how, yet again, their bananas have turned from yellow to spotty overnight? This recipe actually works best with ripe bananas so you can put them to good use rather than throwing them away and promising yourself it will be different next time.

Your children need only hear the word ‘chocolate’ and they’ll be elbowing each other out of the way to eat this banana and chocolate loaf, and you can smugly give them a large slice, knowing they’re secretly eating a superfood. Best of all, the preparation time is gloriously short (only 15 minutes), so you can knock out this recipe quickly in the morning, and make similarly short work of it for afternoon tea!