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Chocolate Chip Brownies - the perfect Saturday night TV partner.

Budge up on the sofa and put the kettle on – the X Factor returns for a new series this weekend and we can’t wait to pick out new favourites and argue with the judges.

Will it be bessie mates or cat fights for Nicole Scherzinger and Sharon Osborne? Will Gary still be sporting those natty three piece suits? And how long will it take for Louis to tell a contestant ‘I love you, you definitely have the X Factor’ (argh, not long enough)?

All vital questions of course, but not as important as: what to munch while you’re watching the show? We’re gunning for these chocolate chip brownies – a delicious indulgence if you’re watching X Factor solo in your onesie, a safe choice for families (with the enticing possibility of seconds and thirds!), and with 12 servings, a practical treat for large groups of friends. If you’re feeling particularly worthy you can use nuts or dried fruit instead of chocolate chips, but otherwise pick up your brownie, admire it for the indulgence it is and repeat the X Factor affirmation: ‘It’s a yes from me!’