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Pah! You can keep your blueberry, raspberry, choc chip, lemon and poppy and white chocolate muffins (hmm, thinking about it, maybe not the white chocolate ones).

Anyway, what we’re trying to say is this grown-up, alternative take on the humble muffin is absolutely delicious, and kids will love the sweetness of the dates too (just tell them it’s chewy chocolate if they try to resist). 

Muffins and fairy cakes are perhaps the recipes inexperienced bakers feel most confident in making and with good reason – they really are incredibly quick and simple to master, taking little over half an hour from beginning to end.

This muffin recipe also happens to be very child-friendly; apart from melting the Stork and putting the mixture in the oven at the end – obviously jobs for those in charge – it’s just a question of mixing together the ingredients and spooning them into the muffin tins. Perfect for sharing with your friends over a morning coffee, feeding little people for a treat or, ahem, a solo mid-afternoon morale boost.