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It's that time of year when all things spooky come out to play, especially in the kitchen...
Halloween’s nearly here – cue panic trips to the supermarket for nylon skeleton costumes and witches hats; multiple pumpkin-lantern hacking (because, let’s face it, it never works first time); and the nightmare of rustling up something cool to bake your thrill-hungry ‘living dead’ children. We can’t do much about the outfits  - though in our book you can’t go wrong with an old-school white bedsheet and cut-out eyes! - but we can offer you the perfect Halloween pumpkin cupcakes, that have been tried and tested on some incredibly fussy children (er, ours). Present these to your kids on a plate, then at the last minute swoop them up and thrust into your own mouth instead, explaining that this is the adult variation on Halloween night known as Trick and Treat. Wha-ha-ha!