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Are you zipping off somewhere glamorous for the summer, or staying at home this year? If you have kids, it makes no odds – they need entertaining wherever you are!

Luckily these marshmallow crackle treats are a guaranteed way to entice even the most reluctant little chefs into the kitchen. For starters they’re popping with all the ingredients that children love the most (say hello to white chocolate, rice crispies and of course, marshmallows). Plus the preparation time is short enough to keep even toddlers interested.

It’s true to say that these are something of a naughty treat (though those glace cherries do contain vitamins A, C, and E!), but go on, it is the last holiday before the kids go back to school, and there may be something in it for you too.  Sensible older kids may be able to make this recipe on their own, but little ‘uns will obviously need your assistance – and yes, that does extend to licking out the bowl!