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Perfectly blended for cakes and icing, the latest addition to the Stork family delivers delicious results!

NEW Stork with Butter gives cakes the best of both worlds

Perfectly blended for cakes and icing, the latest addition to the Stork family delivers both fluffy texture and buttery taste

London, May 2015: Home-bakers rejoice – the butter/margarine debate is finally over! This month Stork, the nation’s most trusted home baking spread, unveils the perfect way to achieve light and fluffy cakes AND rich, creamy buttery icing. NEW Stork with Butter combines the baker’s favourite spread with a delicious, buttery taste, ensuring every cake’s a winner.

NEW Stork with Butter is designed for baking thanks to its unique qualities which set it apart:

A perfect blend of Stork and butter makes cakes light and fluffy with a delicious buttery taste while also delivering rich, creamy and smooth icing
A unique combination of oils and butter makes it easier to mix with other ingredients
It’s ready to use straight from the fridge
Its composition results in a more even and increased rise of your bakes
It creates more volume as you mix, producing a lighter, fluffier texture

Rhiannon Carr, Stork Brand Manager says “Stork has been present in Britain’s kitchens since 1920, continuously innovating and improving its formula to help bakers achieve perfect results. Stork with Butter reflects this commitment and proves that with Stork you never have to compromise on your cake’s texture or taste. New Stork with Butter gives you the best of both worlds: light and fluffy cakes with delicious buttery taste and a creamy icing!”

Stork with Butter is available nationwide at all major retailers for a recommended retail price of £1.99.

Download our Stork with Butter recipe booklet, full of baking inspiration for every occasion.