This is how it's made Chocolate Cake with Berries

  1. Preheat oven to 180 ° C, 160 ° C fan oven, Gas mark 4. Grease a 23cm springform tin and line with baking paper. Melt chocolate in microwave on low power or over a water bath.
  2. Beat Stork and sugar until light and creamy with an electric hand mixer. Stir in the eggs one by one. Stir in the melted chocolate.
  3. Mix flour and cocoa and stir with the milk alternately into the cake mix. Pour batter into the tin and bake the chocolate cake in the oven for about 40-50 minutes. Allow to cool.
  4. Before serving, whisk the Elmlea and vanilla extract with an electric hand mixer until stiff. Spread over the chocolate cake and cover with the berries. Sprinkle with icing sugar to finish.
  • Temperature: 180C oven, 160C fan, Gas 4 oC
  • Baking time:
  • Serves: 16