This is how it's made Stork's Simple Shortbread

  1. Have ready a mould, a 20cm (8inch) flan ring or sandwich tin and baking sheet. 

  2. Cut Stork into four and rub into dry ingredients; knead together until they form a smooth dough, leaving bowl clean. 

  3. Turn out onto lightly-floured surface and knead again until it becomes smooth and silky.  Roll into round large enough to fill the mould, flan ring or sandwich tin. 

  4. Place in the mould, ring or tin, gently press it to shape and smooth top.  Turn onto a baking sheet.  Flute edges if ring or tin used by pressing with the thumb all round, prick all over with a fork. 

  5. Mark into 8 or 12 portions.  Bake in pre-heated oven 150°C, 140°C fan, Gas mark 2 on middle shelf for 25-30 minutes.  Sprinkle with caster sugar. 

  6. Leave on baking sheet about 10 minutes then lift carefully and cool on a wire rack.

  • Temperature: 150 degrees (140 fan), gas mark 2 oC
  • Baking time:
  • Serves: 8-12